New Cory Gardner 2012 campaign yard sign introduced!

Cory Gardner "This new logo reflects the true spirit of our campaign, showing the importance of oil at all costs, because it makes me money."

I thought perhaps Representative Gardner's yard signs could use a bit of a retooling to better represent what he stands for in Congress. Back in his 2010 campaign, he said that his sign represented "the entire 4th Congressional District, from its mountains to the plains. That is what makes my campaign different – a background that reflects a deep connection with every corner of the district.”

Let's be realistic, his campaign represents one thing, oil at all costs. Ruin water for farmers? Who cares. Ruin the climate, which is causing wildfires? Who cares? We might have oil in 20 years. No jobs (not really). Weld County's unemployment rate shows that promise is unfounded. No, just oil making money for a handful while having no impact on your price at the pump.

With Gardner's oil plans, you will pay just as much at the pump, but also you get to give up clean air, Colorado's natural beauty, and subsidies from your taxes. The only one who gains in this situation is the oil companies. The rest of us will pay more. A lot more. Can we please stop pretending Gardner is offering anything approximating "solutions" for Colorado?

[GardnerPath Note: I'll be back around soon, I promise. I've been busy...]