Forget the car, Gardner's office is paying a huge salary to Mike Coffman's campaign manager

UPDATE: 7 September, 2012 - Gardner using taxpayer funds to pay more than $50,000 salary for Coffman's campaign staff $20,978 on a leased car between taking office and March 31, 2012? That's about $1,400 per month that we have been paying for. Unable to come up with a better reason for the expenditure, Gardner blames a rule enacted by Nancy Pelosi. Oh come on, can't come up with anything better than that? Looten Plunder Speaker Boehner's first act in office was to forbid low-waste coffee cups in the House and revert to styrofoam. I'd think he would have reversed a policy like this. If we are spending that much for a car, why are taxpayers also on the hook for the $21,756 paid for his staff's personal miles in 2011? (I didn't bother adding up the "mileage" from Q1 2012) I'd like a little more accounting for that money. How often are they driving personal vehicles for campaign events? How often is his 2011 Ford Escape at campaign events? If we are paying about $40,000 a year plus gas money for him and his staff to drive the district, I think we ought to have some accounting for that. And while we are looking at those expense reports about travel, why did Gardner's Chief of Staff Chris Hansen (Be Epic!) have 349.80 in commercial transportation paid for in March 2012? Transportation that took place February 26, 2012. Hansen went to work for Mike Coffman in January of 2012. A January 9th article said he had already moved to Colorado. Chris Hansen got paid for travel after he left Cory Gardner Maybe the January travel by Hansen was his last trip, I can accept that. But travel nearly 2 months after leaving Gardner's office?Cory Gardner is paying the salary of Mike Coffman That's a big salary for one week's work. Then Gardner paid Hansen a salary in 2012 of $30,000? A $30,000 salary for an employee who left the office one week into the year? Cory Gardner's office is paying the salary of Mike Coffman's campaign manager to the tune of $30,000? That's a good use of taxpayer funds. I guess that's one way to use taxpayer dollars to make campaign contributions. If we ask Gardner about these things, I imagine he'd do what he does best: avoid the question. Maybe blame it on Nancy Pelosi if it seems convenient. I think both he and Mike Coffman have some explaining to do. Be Epic.